Hydrogen courses
Our hydrogen courses consisting of learning videos and comprehensive training materials, as well as final tests and personal certificates.

Benefit from expertise and legal certainty in dealing with hydrogen

Hydrogen technologies (e.g. electrolysis, reformers, compressors, storage methods, fuel cells and gas turbines) are becoming increasingly important. In our hydrogen video courses, course participants gain important technical knowledge, are educated about legal regulations, and learn to recognize potential hazards so that they can take appropriate protective measures in emergency situations. Our courses on the technology and safety of hydrogen and fuel cells are recognized as instruction or staff training in accordance with §12 ArbSchG.

The most extensive range of courses for hydrogen​

Our video courses comprise 30 hours of practice-relevant learning material on the knowledge fields surrounding the energy source of the future. Gain extensive knowledge, or select specifically from our range of courses. Each course includes video material with exciting practical experiments, detailed training materials, and a final test. Upon successful completion, you will receive a personal certificate, which counts as a recognized instruction or personnel training according to §12 ArbSchG.

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Video Course
Hydrogen characteristics & processes
15 sections a 45 minutes
11 Hours of video footage
191 Slides
License duration: 3 months
Including final test

579,95 €
Course content
History of origin H2
Physical properties H2
Chemical properties H2
H2 purity
Thermodynamics of H2
Electrochemistry Basics of H2
Fluid Mechanics
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Video Course
Use of
hydrogen for
sector coupling
Course Content
Sector coupling: Definition
Sector coupling: Technologies
Decarbonisation of industry
Steel industry and H2
Chemical industry and H2
Synthetic fuels (PtL,PtG)
Autonomy through H2
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Video Course
Laws, regulations and approval
Course Content
Industrial Safety Regulation
TRBS and explosion protection
H2-Ex atmosphere
Primary explosion protection
Secondary explosion protection
Tertiary explosion protection
MSR in explosion protection
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Take a look at our courses

We have compiled some excerpts from the courses for you. A detailed description of all courses can be found under the respective video. We are happy to put together customized courses for several participants. The excerpts are currently only available in German

Course description

Course 1
Hydrogen properties and processes

This course includes 191 slides and a total of approx. 11 hours of video material.
15 UE (45 minutes each).

Target group

  • Employees who handle, plan, build and commission hydrogen plants.
  • Specialists and managers who bear responsibility
  • Project managers and product managers
  • Technical consultants, trainers and engineering offices that have recently become involved with hydrogen


  • Physicochemical properties of hydrogen
  • The main basic technologies for production (electrolysis, reforming), storage (CGH2, LH2, MH2, LOHC), transport (as H2 and blending into the natural gas grid) and application (FC, CHP, gas turbine) of hydrogen.
  • Safe handling of hydrogen in the laboratory, plant operation and by the end user.

Person qualification

  • The participants know the properties of hydrogen, can assess hazards and work safely on hydrogen systems in accordance with BetrSichV after receiving activity-specific instruction.
  • The participants have acquired specific knowledge about hydrogen as a flammable and pressurized gas and can be instructed by the responsible person according to §12 of the ArbSchG.
  • Persons qualified for testing can use this course to maintain their qualification in accordance with §3 Para. 3.1(4) in the area of hydrogen or extend it to this area.

6 reasons for our video courses

Around 62 percent of 12- to 19-year-olds use portals such as YouTube or Clipfish to prepare for exams or papers. Finding one's way around is usually easier in a video than in a text, as images, sounds and movements help people find their way around quickly. As an education provider, we aim to offer the right tools for every type of learner. Discover six good reasons for learning with our courses here.

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Location independent

Participation independent of location, also from home

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Training materials

Regardless of the license of the videos, the training materials are permanently available to you

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No travel expenses

No hotel and travel expenses

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Time flexible

Design your own sequence and repeat the sections as often as you like.

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Applicable content

Manufacturer-independent and practice-relevant

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Permanent & personal support

Wir unterstützen persönlich bei technischen und fachlichen FrageWe provide personal support for technical and professional questionsn


With Christian Machens, we were able to gain a leading industry expert in the field of hydrogen, who will actively support us as a lecturer and consultant. With 20 years of practical experience, Mr. Machens can look back on countless reference projects and satisfied customers. The references are from German customers and therefore only available in German. Please contact us for detailed reference list

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