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Hydrogen Properties and Processes

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Gain expertise and legal certainty in handling hydrogen with our practical video courses. Learn all about the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen. Get an introduction to the basic technologies such as electrolysis, reforming, storage, and transport. Get an introduction to all relevant safety topics for dealing with hydrogen in the laboratory, plant operation, and enduser. Our courses include a final test and a certificate of participation.


Target Audience

Our courses are suitable for both beginners and for deepening specific knowledge. The target audience includes:

Learning objectives

Learning Content

  • History
    • Formation of Hydrogen in the Universe, History of Hydrogen and Notable Figures.
  • H2 Applications
    • Applications of Hydrogen in the Past and Present
  • Physical Properties
    • Periodic Table, Orbital Model, Phase Diagram, Vapor Pressure Curve, Critical Point, Boiling Point, Expansion Coefficient, Density (Non-Ideal Gas), Lift in Air, Heat of Combustion, Latent Heat of Vaporization, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity, Viscosity, Magnetic Permeability, Flame Color, Absorption and Emission Spectrum, Speed of Sound
  • Chemical Properties
    • Formation Enthalpy, Minimum Ignition Energy, Explosion Triangle, Explosion Protection Related Properties, Electronegativity, Standard Potential
  • H2 Purity
    • Designation of Purity in Chemistry, Purity Requirements for PEM Fuel Cells, Gas Qualities in Industry, Cleaning Processes for Hydrogen
  • Thermodynamics of H2
    • Laws of Thermodynamics, Heat “Q” and Specific Heat Capacity, Joule-Thomson Effect
  • Electrochemistry Basics
    • Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Redox Reactions in Fuel Cells and Electroly
  • Fluid Mechanics
    • Fluid flows, Knudsen number, kinematics of flow, conservation of mass and momentum, wave propagation in fluids (sound velocity)
  • H2 Diffusion
    • Hydrogen diffusion in gases, metals, sealing materials and from type IV pressure vessels 
  • Hydrogen Colorimetry
  • Production Process
  • Natural Gas Reforming
  • PEM and Alkaline Electrolysis
  • Compression and liquefaction (LH2)
    • Compressors, piston and membrane compressors
    • Hydrogen fueling stations
    • Liquid hydrogen (cryogenic)
  • H2 storage
    • Pressure storage (CGH2)
    • Liquid (cryogenic): LH2
    • Metal hydrides: MHS
    • Storage in liquids: LOHC
  • Adsorption storage
    • Storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides, liquids (LOHC) and ammonia as a hydrogen carrier
  • Incorporation of H2 into natural gas
    • Explosion triangle, explosion pressure, gap width, gas warning devices, combustion of H2-natural gas mixtures in CHP and gas turbines.
  • Fuel cells and catalysis
    • Electrochemical conversion of hydrogen in fuel cells and catalytic conversion on noble metals.
  • Risks and dangers
    • Safety precautions when handling pressurized hydrogen, safety data sheet, firefighting, transport instructions, labeling, dangers of pressure vessels, dangers of LH2 (cryogenic),
  • Laboratory safety
    • Handling hydrogen in the laboratory, accident prevention, legal requirements, labeling of gas cylinders, gas supply systems
  • Safety in plant construction
    • Handling hydrogen in plant construction, Occupational Health and Safety Act, employer’s duties, expertise/expertise, Hazardous Substances Ordinance, Pressure Equipment Directive and CE marking, Ex-marking of operating equipment, operating safety regulations, explosion protection document according to DGUV 213-106, risk assessment and Ex-protection according to TRBS2152, labeling of hydrogen plants, leakage control with mobile gas sensor
  • End users and H2
    • Examples of applications, vehicles and hydrogen filling stations

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