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Explosion Protection in Hydrogen Facilities

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Acquire in-depth knowledge of explosion protection in hydrogen facilities with our course. Dive into the fascinating world of explosion protection and get to know all the relevant aspects to create a safe environment for handling hydrogen.

In this course, we cover a variety of topics such as assessment of explosion risk, primary and secondary explosion protection, device labeling, tertiary explosion protection, MSR devices in explosion protection, prevention of electrostatics, and combustion of mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas.

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Target Audience

The course is aimed at professionals, engineers, and technicians responsible for explosion protection and the safe operation of hydrogen facilities. The target group includes:

Learning objectives

Learning Content

Approach for assessing explosion risk:

  • Primary explosion protection through passive measures
  • Primary explosion protection through active measures
  • Secondary explosion protection through avoidance of ignition sources
  • Determination of zones in terms of primary explosion protection.
  • Measures to prevent ignition and ensure secondary explosion protection.
  • Requirements and significance of device labeling according to EU Directive 2014/34/EU for the prevention of ignition.
  • Structural explosion protection measures to limit the effects of explosions.
  • Use of measurement, control, and regulation devices in explosion protection and their specific requirements.
  • Measures to prevent electrostatic charging and minimize associated hazards.

  • Factors influencing the minimum ignition gap width in the combustion of mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas.

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Wasserstoff Kurs 4 Dunkelblau
Coming Soon

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