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Hydrogen as an energy carrier has gained immense importance in recent years. This trend has by no means reached its zenith. On the contrary! The demand for hydrogen and hydrogen technologies will continue to increase. Your expertise is in demand!

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Knowledge advantage through further education and training

If you want to be involved in the promising and profitable hydrogen market, you need relevant knowledge and ongoing training.

Even Benjamin Franklin knew: “An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest!”

The longer you hesitate and wait with training, the more likely you are to leave the market to determined competitors and grant them a knowledge advantage that cannot be easily made up.

Therefore: Start now!

Whether you are an individual, an SME or a large global company – we offer a comprehensive training concept on hydrogen for everyone: seminars, webinars, workshops, e-learning and consulting.

We create the optimal training program for you, which we can adapt to your individual requirements and preferences if necessary.  

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Hydrogen training courses: Why you are right with us!

With our Schmidt-Kranz Group, we have been active in the technology sector for over 140 years and are a “hidden champion” in various areas.

Green hydrogen technologies for the mobility sector are an important focus of our Group. This includes the production of green hydrogen, power supply, storage, compression as well as complete filling stations, testing facilities and services. 

In addition, we have been dedicated to our customers’ training requirements for 30 years.  

This broad positioning in the hydrogen sector enables us to offer you a unique range of further education and training courses, which you will hardly find elsewhere in this scope and depth.

Our training courses provide you with valuable know-how gained from experience in our hydrogen technology companies.

From practice, for practice!

Another feature that speaks for the quality of our training courses are our experts from the field.

These include Christian Machens, one of the leading hydrogen industry experts.

Hydrogen training - for whom?

The broad spectrum of participants reflects our diverse range of training courses:  

Specialists with hydrogen training are now in demand!

The labor market demand for specialists with a degree or expert knowledge in the field of hydrogen technologies is high. That is why companies are intensively looking for personnel with relevant knowledge.

To counteract the shortage of skilled workers, employers are making use of our training courses and thus training hydrogen specialists within their own ranks.

Do you have questions about our training offer or individual requests?

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Hydrogen topic overview: Basic & expert knowledge

You want to train yourself in the field of hydrogen technology? Or you would like to establish a training program on hydrogen topics in your company? You are definitely in the right place with us.

On the subject of hydrogen, we have the most extensive range of training courses in the DACH region – from basic to expert knowledge.

Here is a brief excerpt from our training topics:

Is your desired topic not listed? Please feel free to contact us. We can put together customized training courses for you in coordination with your topic requirements. 

Wasserstoff-Weiterbildung: Wählen Sie Ihre optimale Lernform

Our continuing education offering includes various forms and methods of learning to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

1. Classroom training (e.g. hydrogen seminar)

Should the training take place at your company? Then we will be happy to come to you after we have jointly determined the training topic and date.  

The face-to-face event is particularly suitable if

  • you have already conducted internal training courses on a number of occasions,
  • a training room with appropriate equipment is available,
  • the training is to be completed during a limited period of time (e.g. one-day seminar),
  • a manageable number of employees are to be trained,
  • an intensive exchange between participants and instructors is desired.

We are also available for a course. In contrast to a seminar, the course takes place over a longer period of time – i.e. learning in stages.

2. E-Learning

In e-learning (electronic learning), knowledge is imparted online or via digital media.

E-learning has the advantage that participants can learn independently of location and, as a rule, at flexible times.

This form of knowledge transfer is suitable if

  • you want to train employees, sales partners or customers who are located at different sites (in parallel),
  • the participants are to acquire the knowledge over a longer period of time in order to apply it in parallel in practice or in everyday work,
  • several groups of employees are to be trained on different topics.

We offer various forms of e-learning:

Video courses:

The video courses are a combination of instructional videos (e.g., with exciting hydrogen experiments from our lab), accompanying training materials, and a final exam.

These are self-study courses that participants complete independently without instructor assistance. They are flexible in terms of time and can devote themselves to the course when it suits them best.

To illustrate this, here is a short video from our basic hydrogen course:

Online courses:

In our online courses, we place particular emphasis on the interaction of the participants. Experience has shown that this achieves particularly sustainable learning success.

With this form of training, participants are also flexible in terms of time and can acquire the learning material at their own pace.

Take a look at a course module:

Hydrogen webinar in the virtual classroom:

As with a face-to-face event, the training takes place on a fixed date, but as a location-independent webinar in a virtual room.

The participants and the instructor act via avatars in a virtual 3D learning and working world.

Take a look:

3. Blended-Learning

This form of knowledge transfer represents a combination of classroom and online learning.

Example: Teaching takes place by means of our online courses. In a subsequent face-to-face event, there is a consolidation of what has been learned and a direct exchange with the lecturers.

4. Customized trainings

Depending on your individual requirements and preferences, we can put together a customized offer (choice of topics, modules, language, form of knowledge transfer, certification) that allows you, for example, to train your employees, customers or partners efficiently and independently of location. Whether a crash course or comprehensive hydrogen training – we will find the right program for you.

Our maxim: exceed our customers’ expectations.

In our training programs, we place great emphasis on interaction, fun and entertainment in imparting knowledge. Experience has shown that this results in a lasting learning effect for the participants.

It fills us with pride and joy that companies repeatedly make use of our training offerings and cooperate with us on a long-term basis.

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We find the best training solution for your successful path into the "hydrogen future

Hydrogen education nearby?

Depending on your location, continuing education and training on hydrogen may be very limited or non-existent.

Fortunately, location is no longer an obstacle to effective continuing education today. The solution: the e-learning presented above!

Not only home office, but also e-learning has experienced a rapid development boost due to the Corona pandemic and has now reached the masses.

Save costs with e-learning

With our e-learning training courses, you can expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere else in the world. You save yourself long travel times and expensive costs for accommodation.

If you are a global company, you know this:

Branch employees and sales partners need regular training. For this purpose, they are brought to the head office. The costs for organization, travel, accommodation and meals are considerable.

Save yourself this huge expense! With our e-learning concepts, you can train a large number of people independent of location, worldwide and in parallel.

Hydrogen - the topic of the future

In conclusion, we would like to remind you once again of the current and future scope of hydrogen technologies:

Hydrogen – more topical than ever!

The climate protection necessitated by climate change is now prioritized by national and international political decision-makers.

In addition, the disputes between Russia and Ukraine have brought the extent of energy imports and dependence on fossil fuels unsparingly to the attention of the general public, e.g., through losses in supply security and painful price developments. 

All these circumstances are exerting great pressure on the energy industry. For this reason, hydrogen technologies, which play a decisive role in the future energy supply, are also being pushed.

A global market worth billions

Currently, hydrogen as an energy carrier is used in particular in the chemical industry. Through continuous technology development, it will also be applied to truck, air and ship transport and in other areas of the gas industry.

Hydrogen (H2) will play a key role on the road to decarbonization and in achieving climate targets (e.g. by reducing CO2 emissions).

The German government has already adopted a national hydrogen strategy in 2020, including the goal of gaining market leadership in hydrogen technologies.

In Austria, a national hydrogen strategy was also agreed in 2022.

Hydrogen technology is also being promoted at EU level. But hydrogen is also gaining strongly in importance as an energy carrier internationally.

Many countries around the world, including major economies, have developed their own national hydrogen strategies. This is associated with far-reaching subsidies and grants.

A global market worth billions is opening up, creating new companies and jobs and also offering growth opportunities for established companies.

Be part of it! We support you with our training and consulting services on this forward-looking path.

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